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Food Adventure Scooter Tour

START TIME : 16.00 PM ( 5 Hours )

Ubud, Sanur area hotels : IDR 400,000 / bike
Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu area hotels : IDR 500,000 / bike
Nusa Dua, Uluwatu area hotels : IDR 600,000 / bike

The sounds of scores of cooking pots and the glare of bright lights add a frenetic and festive clamour to Gianyar’s delicious night market,which any local will tell you has some of the best food in Bali. Scores of stall s set up each night in the centre and cook up a moutwatering and jaw –dropping range of dishes. Here you can get to browse and sample a large variety of  traditional snacks and cuisine from vendors.



  • Betutu Ayam  ( slow cook process where you can get the bbq flavor and steam flavor on the same time )
  • Babi Guling  ( suckling pig )
  • Sate Babi ( pork satay )
  • Nasi Campur Ayam  ( mix chicken rice )
  • Rendang Sapi  ( beef rendang )
  • Sate Gulai Kambing  ( satay and lamb curry )
  • Sate Ayam  ( chiken satay served with rice cake )


  • Sumping Waluh ( pumpkin cake )
  • Godoh Biu  ( fried banana )
  • Godoh Nangka  ( fried jackfruit )
  • Bantal  ( rice cake mix with banana or red peanuts )
  • Timus ( coconut mix with tapioca powder blended with brown sugar )
  • Laklak  ( toasted cake made of rice powder mix coconut milk and coloring with pandan leaf juice served with brown sugar )
  • Kelepon  ( steamed green ball cake made of rice powder, coconut milk, coloring with pandan leaf juice filled with brown sugar served with grated coconut )
  • Batun Bedil  ( bullet cake, steamed brown ball cake made of rice powder, coconut milk, brown sugar served with grated coconut )